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The Cottage Midsummer 2003
Monthly Gemstone ~ Rutilated Quartz


Element Air

Planets Sun, Uranus

Chakras - All

Rutile, an important source of titanium ore, forms in quartz as glimmering acicular gold and red threads. Rutile occurs in smoky, citrine, and clear quartz. Rutile amplifies the energy any crystal in which it grows. Rutilated quartz fosters reason, order and conscious direction in growth and development of the Self and manifestation of prosperity

Magickally, Rutilated Quartz is used to energize and increase the Effectiveness of your magick.

The rutiles intensify the properties of the quartz. In addition it affects both the etheric and astral bodies and stimulates awareness of the
connection between them and the physical body. Rutilated Quartz promotes determination, self-confidence and strength of will.

Rutilated quartz is believed to have the power to regenerate the bodys tissues, aid in the assimilation of nutritional elements, bolster the immune system, and slow the advancement of aging diseases. They also credit it with treating respiratory illnesses and being able to uncover the true cause of an illness.

This is an important stone for uncovering the root of mental hang-ups, strengthening resolve, easing the pain of loneliness and improving communication. It is also has the effect of unburdening the mind of guilt, which can lead to a state more conducive of happiness and inspiration. It can help get the wearer out of ruts where he or she is given over to sloth or wantonness. Its needles are said to attract love and to help with mental focus. It opens the Third Eye Chakra, for spiritual communication in dreams and meditation and for stimulating the immune system. When healers do Chakra layouts, they place it near energy areas they think are sluggish.