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The Cottage Midsummer 2003
Midsummer Meditation


A Midsummer Journey

Relax and move into a comfortable position. Feel free to move around during the meditation, but listen very closely and try to imagine that you are experiencing what is suggested to you during this time. Wiggle your toes and feet, then relax them. Let your stomach relax, make a fist and let your hands relax. Relax your face, relax your tongue. (pause) Now breathe three deep breaths. Air in, air out, air in, air out, air in, air out. (pause)

Picture yourself in a wide field of grass, under a bright sun, at noon. The sun is hot, but the air is cool. You are walking in a path through the high grass and you notice sunflowers pointing toward the sky. You know that this is the Summer Solstice, the longest day of the year and you feel energized. It is the last day that the light takes over from the dark, and even as the days get warmer, they now will shorten. The promise of winter is in the celebration of summer this day. As you walk along you enjoy the warmth of the day. The energy of the sun may make you feel like clapping, smiling, laughing. (pause)

As you walk along the path, you think about what gifts the sun gives to you. The sun shines on the cool green earth and gives life to everyone that lives there. The yellow brightness of the sun, that we can't look at directly brings life to all of the plants, the algae in the ocean and lakes. The sun, like a fire, gives w armth, but also holds a danger from which we must protect ourselves. Don't get burned in the sun, but take the sun's energy and bring it into yourself. What does the sun give to your life? What are the sun's gifts to you? (pause)

You walk along and enter the shade of the trees. You pass some houses. You pass some wires up above and there is a humming that you hear. That hum is electricity and it is the same energy that powers your nerves. Feel the electricity of your nerves, responding to the electricity in the wires. That electricity was made by fires far, far away and that energy comes through the wires into our homes. What do you depend on or enjoy that is powered by the fires of electricity? (pause)

You enter a thick grove and find a huge bonfire with many people around it. You sway with the motion of the dance around the bonfire. The people are watching the smoke from the fire rise and you know that each time you turn on a light, a computer or anything electrical, you are also making pollution somewhere -just like the smoke from the fire. You take an image that reminds you of the blessing the sun gives you- of the blessings of electricity and you make a promise- a promise of your own choosing and you cast it into the fire.