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The Cottage Midsummer 2003

Welcome back!

    Id like to thank our loyal readers for their continued support and heartfelt comments as we publish our third Midsummer Issue. I thought Id fill everyone in on whats been going on here at The Cottage. Our advanced Wicca training and online coven are flourishing. I cant begin to tell you how close I feel to these women but we have definitely formed more than a circle have formed a family.

Wicca 101 classes are going well also we have been starting a new group nearly every other month and hope to continue to do so in the future. Things have been really busy here and are looking to get busier so I will make a plea help now. I am in desperate need for volunteers to help put this ezine together, I intend on going back to school in late August and my already packed schedule will be that much more. If you enjoy the ezine and would like to help than please get in touch any little thing you might be able to do just holler.


  We have a little bit of everything in this months ezine, make sure you dont forget to check out The Spell its an original piece by a local artist who I am very grateful to be associated with. I hope to showcase more of Sabrinas art in future issues. We love to read your comments so dont forget to drop us a line and let us know how you think we are doing in bringing you the materials you want or make a suggestion on what you would like us to do more, some or less of.

                                                BB, Gypsy